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In the following propositions, which one is a primitive type in Java?
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Starts a new solo campaign or play with other players in arcade mode. Test our your skills through quizzes and compare your results with the best
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You can play for 10 minutes or 1 hour. Start a new game on your mobile in the public transport or enjoy a party on your desktop. Adapt your time to your life style
Free to play
Yep, that’s free to play. The content is not limited. And that’s not gonna change. You can play as long as you want or contribute to the content and challenge the other players.

Solo campaign

Starts a new game, learn coding skills through different challenges and expose your level to the world in the leaderboard .
In this mode, you'll have to go through a series of challenges to complete the game. Each level will allows you to improve your skills and gain experience.
Your ultimate goal is to stay in the S rank for the longest time. (Soon)

Arcade mode

Have fun with other players in arcade modes: random quizzes, longest streak...
Each mode has its own challenges and rewards. Gain experience and climb the leaderboard against other players.

Game editor

Yes, you can create your own quizzes and be recognized as a content creator. Challenge the other players on your questions! For each contribution you'll be rewarded and that will help you to climb the leaderboard.
And why not, you can be chosen to represent and lead a solo campaign by your knowledge!
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